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Thread: 7mm metal bushings or 7mm bearings?

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    Default 7mm metal bushings or 7mm bearings?

    which is better mga sir?.....

    7mm metal bushings or 7mm bearings?...

    hirap kc mkhanap 7mm metal bushings d2 hehehe puro 6mm nkkta ko....

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    Default Re: 7mm metal bushings or 7mm bearings?

    well dpende yan sa set up rin maa'm ( i think..) kung high rof set up sa bearing bushing matitigas n aspring bushing I think CA,Systema,Trch pro and element has 7mm bearing bushings availability ng item hanap nlang sa for sale section madami dyan...

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    Default Re: 7mm metal bushings or 7mm bearings?

    Check this link ma'am for more info.

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